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Tease by darkrane17 Tease :icondarkrane17:darkrane17 2 3 Vintage Craze by darkrane17 Vintage Craze :icondarkrane17:darkrane17 2 14
She Lay There
          My grandmother lay there uncertain, frightened, but smiling. She was a strong woman with an even stronger family. And in that family, that hospital room, was me. Seeing her lying weak in bed all the time was a drastic change from how I usually saw her: sitting comfortably on her living room couch, knitting contentedly every night. Soon those comfortable nights were over and my warm grandparents' home atmosphere was replaced with understuffed couches in hospital waiting rooms. We'd wait for updates, any scrap of news, for days. No one seemed able to tell us why my grandmother's body was failing her. Eventually the doctors predicted that the cancer would take a year to end her life.
          Throughout her ordeal, I became accustomed to the stark white hallways of the hospitals, and to the ever-present taste of their bitter coffee. Most vividly though, I remember when we got the
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 8 17
Getting Out by darkrane17 Getting Out :icondarkrane17:darkrane17 1 1
  Sparkling sapphire, like green to grey
translocated turn and, we'll be okay
meet my mouth, like grass to gravel
dislocate disks and, watch me unravel
Punctuated pink, like shells to the shore
bare backs and, drums and more
Feline flesh like, moths to flames
writhing words and, shouting names
loose limbs  like , bodies in beds
Reluctant risks and, butting heads
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 30 16
     Pain dives and delves
      deepest where it
     dwells in the heart
       and delivers me
        You never smile yet never frown
and   with faces being shadows
          in shapes of the sun
         singing and singing into me
                    and sending me nothing
               but missed calls
          and alibis
             Running ram
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 2 10
August 2nd
                     The roses you gave me,
                  with grass-long-gone,
                     stay rooted in my room
The ones that reached to every dark corner,
and star-kissed every freckle of me
and they are those,
that I   give you
with breath-long-gone
Breaking the very words             I never said,
they still
race and        to you
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 12 18
  I've dreamt that
I said
that I've been holding
   Inside and out
       Clenched tight
                my               teeth
                       The equine elegance
             continuously reigns me in
Guiding my tongue to my teeth,
    I stayed until the sun
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 3 2
Bright Lights by darkrane17 Bright Lights :icondarkrane17:darkrane17 0 3
Those Hands
Already spring is gone
flooding  trees, making water of wood,
                   hollowed,              sand and fish-full
I've followed thousands,
and have only hated the dry
Summer being,
          thankfully,    gone
and missing the woman who gave me days,
   who she was,
  thought of thousands in time at once,
  loving all the time                                     cancer
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 10 12
Possibilites Overcome
The clues they sum up,  and show up,
      plasma, pink on the wall
  the inbalances       the lies
   We loved  you
(We still do)
and it's okay to be angry
(I was too)
Let out on Christmas day,
  like a convict,
  Sent away
how I,              I,
          thought     felt it too
         I did
and   (I knew)
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 7 10
with second chances very near extinction,
                                                      my tear ducts tore,
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 6 16
Crystal Clear
I have no ocean,
   I would settle to dive
   to be with pond-scum, among my kind
  but it was gold there,
     the ripples on the water,
     I already imagined being in it
You have no preference,
   You'd settle to be alive
    to be with me, no matter where
   because you see silver when I speak gold,
     the small frame that stands,
     you only imagined being between
     With the pavement burning,
     because of lack of grass,
       we walked away   from the
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 4 13
Day one
      and my body already wants to
reject what's growing       inside of me
as if it's a vile, foreign thing,
my body retches, turns on itself
Week two
        and I, every day, feel my body
They call this beauty,
  this wonderful, Morpheous   
It presses in me, tearing at the
boundaries of my body, demanding
more and more and more
Month three
        and I'm mor
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 0 2
       you said
and we'd find the fountain of youth
but I know,
we'll stay how we are
Your colors won't leave
they draw me back
Pink into pink,
  sensory and shaped meticulously,
  our mouths tear against each other
  and our bodies grind stone to ash
        we make the liquid that makes it
     cascading down and pooling in our bellies
                     the sticky sweetness
     that will keep our bodies whole
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 4 8
A yearling,
     a cub,
  a calf
Bound in placement
   in the trees,
leaves, brush
and the black pavement
that separates us
Spotted, she hides while
     he limbers effortlessly,
  the other, hobbles his mass
        The babes,
                        they don't know
              they're lost
             while the mothers,
they lie there
       on the side of the road
:icondarkrane17:darkrane17 1 5


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